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1936 Austin 7

Much like the Ford Model T that put America on wheels, the tiny, 75-inch wheelbase Austin 7 was Britainís first true Peopleís Car. Decades before the Austin Mini, the simple, compact and cheap Austin 7 was a car that managed to appeal to buyers from a wide range of social and economic standings. You wonít be going fast in our stunning little 7 convertible but you will have a permanent smile and receive a lot of attention. Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPin on Pinterest

Austin 7Revival Cars Ltd - Coventry, Midlands

1934 Austin Seven Box Saloon

Austin Seven 1934 Driving this little car will take you back many, many years. It has a 749cc engine, a basic four speed gearbox, not to forget cable brakes. A maximum speed of 35mph. Slide back the sunroof, open the windscreen for a true taste of what motoring used to be. Easier to drive than you would imagine no cranking of starting handles here she is a modern madam Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPin on Pinterest

Austin 7Danewest Automotive - Sevenoaks, Kent

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