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1982 Morgan 4/4

Morgan is the last independently owned car manufacturer in the world and has been hand building cars at its Malvern factory for over 100 years. The car’s iconic look is unique and timeless that exemplifies all that is British. Our Morgan Plus 4/4 is regarded by many as the world’s favourite Morgan and has been selected in classic red with black leather interior with the all important luggage rack to carry your picnic hamper. It's a marriage of a reliable four cylinder engine with plent...Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPin on Pinterest

Morgan 4/4Revival Cars Ltd

1968 Morris Minor

The Morris Minor debuted at the Earls Court Motor Show, London, on 20 September 1948. Designed under the leadership of Alec Issigonis as “the people’s car”, more than 1.3 million were manufactured between 1948 and 1972. The original Minor - or poached egg as Lord Nuffield delightfully called it - initially complete with side-valve engine, was a sedate performer, and is even more so today, but thanks to delightful handling and steering, it's still a great car to drive. Ours is a beautifu...Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPin on Pinterest

Morris MinorRevival Cars Ltd

1964 Jaguar Mk II

Stylish and capable, the Mk2 is, without doubt, one of Jaguar’s finest models and one of the most iconic '60s sports saloon of them all. From the luxurious interior to the taut and confidence-inspiring handling, you are unlikely to be disappointed behind the wheel. The renowned Jaguar saloon had a cinematic reputation for bank raids and blags in the 60’s and with Inspector Morse in the 90’s. Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPin on Pinterest

Jaguar Mark 2Revival Cars Ltd

1936 Austin 7

Much like the Ford Model T that put America on wheels, the tiny, 75-inch wheelbase Austin 7 was Britain’s first true People’s Car. Decades before the Austin Mini, the simple, compact and cheap Austin 7 was a car that managed to appeal to buyers from a wide range of social and economic standings. You won’t be going fast in our stunning little 7 convertible but you will have a permanent smile and receive a lot of attention. Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPin on Pinterest

Austin 7Revival Cars Ltd

1997 Mini Cooper S

The Mini is a small car made by the British Motor Corporation (BMC) and its successors from 1959 until 2000. The original is considered a British icon of the 1960s. In 1999 the Mini was voted the second most influential car of the 20th century, just behind the Ford Model T. Our Mini is a Mk V11 and one of the last of the original mini‘s to be produced. It drives like a modern car and handles like a go kart around corners, one of our most smiles-per-miles cars on the fleet. Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPin on Pinterest

Morris MiniRevival Cars Ltd

1975 Alpha Spider

The Spider designation for the open top sports cars originates from the word, speeder, a two person open horse carriage. The Alfa Romeo 105/115 Series Spider was produced from 1966 to 1993, remaining in production for almost three decades. Although not British, we had to add one of the most iconic classic cars of all time to our fleet. Our Spider is a series 2 and regarded by most as the best series for originality and driving ability. Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPin on Pinterest

Alfa Romeo SpiderRevival Cars Ltd

1987 Jaguar XJS

When it was introduced in the mid-'70s , it was immediately picked as Simon Templar's favoured transport in TV's The Saint. It was designed to redefine the rules of the long-lost art of Grand Touring; fast, silent and effortless travel that leaves you as fresh after a dash to Dover as a trip to the golf club. Our XJ-S has the silky smooth V12 to glide you on your journey but also has incredible acceleration should your right foot require. It even has one of the first 80’s car phones st...Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPin on Pinterest

Jaguar XJSRevival Cars Ltd

1976 Triumph Stag

The Triumph Stag is a true convertible car with four seats. Triumph built the Stag as a short chassis, convertible version of their Triumph 2000 saloon car, but installed their newly designed 2,997 cc V8 engine. The soft top folds down completely and disappears beneath a solid tonneau panel behind the rear seats. Our Stag is one of the best examples in the UK and taking to the wheel, you will be smitten by its smoothness and unmistakable burble from the exhaust. If you’re looking ...Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPin on Pinterest

Triumph StagRevival Cars Ltd

1973 Daimler Double Six LWB Vanden Plas

From 1972 Jaguar's 5.3 litre V12 engine was available in the XJ range, and for the Daimler version a name used by the company from 1926 to 1938 was revived. Sir William Lyons had retired from Jaguar in 1972 and the new chairman was FRW (Lofty) England. Lofty England decreed that the new V12 Daimler would be known as Double-Six. Our Double Six is the luxurious long wheel base Vanden Plas model. Loads of rear leg room and fully loaded with every conceivable accessory from the 70’s. If you w...Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPin on Pinterest

Daimler Double SixRevival Cars Ltd

1950 Austin Atlantic

The Atlantic was one of the first post-war cars engineered from scratch by Austin, and was said to be styled from a thumbnail sketch by Leonard Lord, then Chairman of Austin and later the British Motor Corporation (BMC) from 1949 - 1952. If you want an exclusive classic, this is the one for you. Fewer than 8,000 were ever produced and this is one of the best surviving examples from only 350 left in the world. Great for that special wedding day! Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPin on Pinterest

Austin AtlanticRevival Cars Ltd

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