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BELLA TUSCANY From the glories of Renaissance Florence, with its wealth of artistic treasures, to the golden landscape and hilltop towns of the Tuscan countryside; from the terraces of the Chianti and Montepulciano vineyards to Pisaís famous Leaning Tower and Siena´s scallop-shaped medieval piazza; from San Gimignano -the city of towers- to Cortona a unique Ethruscan gem: this is a region that has fed the imagination and delighted the senses of countless visitors for many years. LA DOLCE VITA In Italian, la dolce vita literally translates as ďthe sweet lifeĒ. La dolce vita in Italy means a life of pleasure and simple luxury; itís about enjoying the good things in life and about really indulging in the things you love. Italians are known for their relaxed pace of life, and they know the importance of not taking things too seriously, except for food, wine and sports cars. More importantly, they know when to kick back and relax. Tuscany is one of the best places to experience this relaxed lifestyle, with its rolling hills and their cypress trees sentinels watching over miles and miles of olive groves and vineyards and a whole host of beautiful locations to explore. IL DOLCE FAR NIENTE (The sweetness of doing nothing) Make like the Italians and slowly sip a cappuccino in a medieval piazza in a little village, enjoy a lavishly long lunch and make sure you get plenty of coffee and gelato breaks! Then swift with your classic convertible on laid back and inspiring roads connecting villages to enjoy the views, the sounds and the smells of Tuscany. BENVENUTI!

1948 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith

One of the most prestigious Rolls Royces, this Silver Wraith is the last made by the famous coachbuilder Windovers and was originally premiered at Olympia Motor Show in London. If there is a car you HAVE to experience, this is it. No question.Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPin on Pinterest

Rolls Royce Silver WraithDrive In Style

1954 Alvis TA21 Drop Head Coupe

As the old say goes, those with enough money buy Rolls Royce, those with enough style buy Alvis. Sheer elegance, great comfort and timeless style for this rare 4 seater convertible. Only 12 lucky owners got a drophead coupe like this when new!Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPin on Pinterest

Alvis TA 21Drive In Style

1962 Lancia Flaminia Pininfarina

The only true Italian limousine of the 50ís/60ís. Marketed at a price on a par with a Rolls Royce and made in very limited numbers, it has all the refinements and luxury the only the lucky few could afford it. Its lush ivory pure wool upholstery is extra comfortable. No wonder itís still the preferred mean of transport of the Italian President!Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPin on Pinterest

Lancia Flaminia PininfarinaDrive In Style

1954 MG TF

Sloping wings, rakish lines, a quintessentially British sports car of the 50s, but still with prewar technology. So not a car for everyone! Presented in a fantastic Old English White livery, she is ready to take you to your wedding ceremony, at its own pace!Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPin on Pinterest

MG TFDrive In Style

1956 MG A

Curvaceous, unmistakable shape for this beautiful lady. Cozy and intimate it's a unique nestle. You will immediate realize why modern cars don't have a soul.Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPin on Pinterest

MG ADrive In Style

1962 Mercedes 190SL

A fabulous combination of 50s style and the best Mercedes engineering both at ease on the Croisette and Chianti. No tacky plastics, no weird gizmos, no nonsense. Just solid engineering and fascinating atmosphere.Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPin on Pinterest

Mercedes 190SLDrive In Style

1968 Alfa Romeo Duetto Veloce - Boat Tail

Right from th e movie "The Graduate". Although Dustin Hoffman got the Best Actor Academy Award nominee, the real best actress is the Alfa. If you wish to experience the same movie feelings here she is. Sporty, romantic, minimalist and sexy. You will certainly fall in love. Bellissima!Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPin on Pinterest

Alfa Romeo Duetto VeloceDrive In Style

1966 Innocenti Mini Minor

Back in the 60s when Italian roads where full of Fiat 500 buzzing around, driving a Mini meant being out -and a bit above- the crowd. Here she is: a little beauty with a very aggressive stance. Just perfect for zipping on Italian winding roads...Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPin on Pinterest

Innocenti Mini MinorDrive In Style

2005 FIAT Barchetta

What is a 3rd millennium convertible doing here? The Fiat Barchetta is by all means an instant classic: low production figures, limited distribution, a rare sight on Italian roads even when new. Despite its ABS, Air Conditioning, Airbags, it still generates lots of pure adrenaline, like its classic counterparts. Enjoy!Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPin on Pinterest

FIAT BarchettaDrive In Style

1963 Bentley S3

No presentation needed for a living legend. Just open the door and you will appreciate the real difference between modern and classic luxury. Hand made down to the last detail, so unique it can't be replicated. Air conditioning!Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPin on Pinterest

Bentley S3Drive In Style

1962 Volkswagen T1 Bus

Bulli, Splitty, Vanagon, Samba, Campervan many different names for a fantastic, unique vehicle that has become a rolling icon. Whether you are into Surfing, Flower Power, or into a driving experience in harmony with the surrounding landscape, this is your prefect travel companion. Bring your friends...Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPin on Pinterest

Volkswagen Type 2Drive In Style

1969 FIAT Bambolina

Busses and coaches have been part of our lives at some time or another, whether for our daily commutes or for leisure group trips to the seaside. Do you want to resurrect those nostalgic memories or just want to have a stylish alternative to those modern boring road boxes? All aboard, off we go!Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPin on Pinterest

FIAT BambolinaDrive In Style

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