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1982 Morgan 4/4

Morgan is the last independently owned car manufacturer in the world and has been hand building cars at its Malvern factory for over 100 years. The car’s iconic look is unique and timeless that exemplifies all that is British. Our Morgan Plus 4/4 is regarded by many as the world’s favourite Morgan and has been selected in classic red with black leather interior with the all important luggage rack to carry your picnic hamper. It's a marriage of a reliable four cylinder engine with plent...Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPin on Pinterest

Morgan 4/4Revival Cars Ltd - Coventry, Midlands

1985 Morgan 4/4

The Morgan is an exciting new addition to our fleet. The original 4/4 (which stands for 4 wheels and 4 cylinders) dates back to 1936 and has the longest production run of any car model. This truly British sporstcar is still being hand built! Our Morgan is fitted with a lively 1600 engine and a five speed gearbox. This car is from a bygone era we can only read about, drive the Morgan through the highlands of Scotland and the magic of the 1930's comes alive. Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPin on Pinterest

Morgan 4/4Caledonian Classics - Bonnyrigg, Scotland

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