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1966 Triumph TR4A

1966 Triumph TR4A

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By todayís standards the TR4 isnít a fast car but that is to miss the point. Sat low and cosseted inches off the road surface, 109 mph feels significantly faster. So, when youíre doing 50 -70 it feels like 100 in a regular car and thatís where the fun and charm come into the equation. You just donít need to go very fast in these to enjoy them. Theyíve got terrific gearboxes (ours has overdrive) and so youíre transported back to time when driving was just fun.

Date1966 ColourRed Metallic / Black Hood
MakeTriumph Seats2
ModelTR4A Man/AutoManual
BodyConvertible Engine2100cc 4cyl

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