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1975 Triumph TR6

The TR6 was in production for only eight years. It is the last British built Triumph to have a separate chassis and body. Our TR6 was first registered in 1975. It is an original British right hand drive car and therefore fitted with a fuel injected straight six 2500cc engine with manual gearbox and overdrive. This car has been extensively restored and looks fabulous with its walnut dash, leather seats and mohair hood, finished in the rare French blue. This car makes the best noise of any car ...Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPin on Pinterest

Triumph TR6Caledonian Classics - Bonnyrigg, Scotland

1971 Triumph TR6

Old english white iconic TR6, a pleasure to drive down a country road on a summers day.Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPin on Pinterest

Triumph TR6Retro Rides of Norfolk Ltd - Long Stratton, Norfolk

1972 Triumph TR6

The second in our fleet of classic British roadsters is our 1972 TR6. Each of the TR range is unique in their own way but their DNA evolved through to the TR6. During its production life just over 91,000 were made of which most went to the USA; just over 8,300 were sold in the UK. Whilst the Karmann designed exterior looked years ahead of its TR predecessors, it could be argued it was a case of the emperorís new clothes as the engines, windscreen, chassis and running gear were all from the pr...Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPin on Pinterest

Triumph TR6Bygone Classics - Leeds

1976 Triumph TR6

Skye , our 1976 Triumph TR6. The last of the proper British Sports Cars. Lusty straight 6 engine , sporty suspension, overdrive gearbox, great fun to drive. Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPin on Pinterest

Triumph TR6Highland Classic Car Hire - Forres, Scotland

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