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Bygone Classics Limited

What inspired you to start Bygone Classics?

Always had a love of cars, from a very young age inspired by both parents, who over several years brought home all sorts of Dinky and Corgi cars for me to play with and build a small collection. My dad loved his cars too, over the years he owned a big American finned Chevrolet Impala and Plymouth Fury to name a few. So, I had a good teacher. In later years once I’d passed my driving test, my first car, a Datsun 120Y was the bees’ knees - brown with a beige vinyl roof - in later years I was fortunate enough to have some lovely company cars.  But it wasn’t until I hit my 40’s, that I got the bug to focus and one day own a Classic Car, School fees soon put a stop to that, so had to wait until my very late 50’s before the dream turned to reality.   


2021 was the start of it all, I purchased a TR6, Jensen and then an E Type, with a lot of explaining to do to my wife. Around the same time, a couple of company’s based in Yorkshire also involved with the hiring of Classic Cars had either closed or ceased trading, leaving a gap in this very niche market. Once I’d spoken with my wife and brought her around to the idea, Together with my daughter Ilana who was already working with me, decided to go all out and set up a Classic Car Hire business. Together (mostly Ilana), we built Bygone Classics and with the flood gates opened (and thumbs up from my wife) , we have built a small collection of 15 cars, 12 of which we hire out. For me, it’s about offering a service to those folk who share the same passion for Classic Cars and to allow others the enjoyment of driving one of their dream cars, be it for 4hrs or a whole weekend. To be honest, rather than driving my fully electric Audi, I prefer to driving one of my oldies on a daily basis.  I find they have a lot more soul and character than the modern cars of today.  


What is unique to the area you are based in?

‘G-d’s own Country’ it speaks volumes.  We are blessed with quaint, beautiful villages and market towns, steeped with so much history. Our east coast full of hidden gems such as, Runswick Bay, Whitby and Robin Hoods Bay to name a few. Our Spa town of Harrogate and walled city of York with its cobbled alleyways. Rolling roads and hillsides to explore, What more can I add, I could go on forever and all of this within a 60-90 minute drive of Bygone Classic’s pick up point.    


When is the best time of year to visit?

There is no bad time to visit Yorkshire, with so much going on, in and around the regions, there is something for everyone be it sunshine or rain. However, we mustn’t forget we live in England and there are times throughout the year we will not hire our cars out. Best time to book will be between March – October!


If you had unlimited funds which classic, would you add to your fleet and why.

Like many other Classic Car nuts, it must be either the Aston DB5 or Aston V8.  There is something about these cars that are so quintessentially British. My two favourites have and always will be the DB5 and Jensen Interceptor.  I was fortunate to pick up a great example in the Jensen for a relatively decent price, but the DB5, well let’s just say, I pray every week for my lottery numbers to come up.  


Who helps you run Bygone Classics limited?

Without the help of my daughter Ilana, the administration and organisation of the company just wouldn’t happen. Undoubtedly, she has become, forgive the pun, the driving force of Bygone Classics. Constantly looking at ways both administratively and commercially to improve how we best set out the direction for the business. I don’t mind being bossed around, however, I want the business success to be her success.

What did you do before?

I’ve been involved with several businesses over my working career. Some successful , others not. For the past 30 years, my company Starbrands Ltd manufactured Household Cleaning and Laundry Products.  I had my own brands such as Wizz, Stardrops, Squezy and the Pink Stuff and we also manufactured Own Label for all the major supermarkets. In 2015, I sold my equity in Starbrands to private investors and took a few years grace to recharge my batteries.  Today, I run a couple of agencies, one looking after the affairs for a Chinese packaging manufacturer of Caps, Closures and Dispensers for the UK and parts of Europe and another agency for a Polish manufacturer of Laundry, Dishwash Tablets and Gel Capsules in the UK.


What are you planning for the 2024 hire season?

To learn from mistakes we made in 2023, not that there were many and to improve on the professionalism of our services.  Continue with the upkeep and improvements of the cars. Sell ourselves better now that we are stepping out from the learning curve, although, you never stop learning. 


What does a typical day at Bygone Classics look like?

Deep discussions with my boss Ilana on current and future bookings, ways to improve bookings, should we or shouldn’t we decline certain bookings, followed by scrambled eggs with avocado. I never get called ‘Dad’, it’s always Dave, which is something I need to work on for 2024. Then off to the unit to give my little baby’s a good clean and polish.


What are the best ways to contact you?

Email or mobile 07798 910 111


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