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Retro Rides of Norfolk

Retro Rides of Norfolk

What did you do before starting Retro Rides of Norfolk?
After running pubs and hotels for the last thirty years, giving us plenty of experience in the hospitality industry. We wanted a new venture so started Retro Rides of Norfolk, combining our love of classics and working with our clients, exceeding their expectations. Ours is a truly family-run business, our grown-up sons help out when they can and our younger daughter is the style and marketing director when she’s not at School.

What is your interest in classics?  Any favourites and why?
Our first car was an MG B bought for not a lot of cash, but a lot of rust, but we loved that car although Adrian spent more time repairing it than driving, the classic car bug was sewn.  Our second car was an even rustier Fiat X1/9 in frog green bought for £200 and kept on the road for two years until the rust won in the end.

We love the fact people love and keep all manner of classic cars on the road, from exotics to humble transport, and there is a car for everyone to love, if you are considering buying a classic car, just buy something you'll love and enjoy there are really are no rules to what your first classic should be, as long as you love it.

We have always admired the style and elegance of classics, the way they transport you back to a simpler time when you went out for a drive for pleasure, we love all the cars and how you have to learn their quirks and characters.

Annah has a soft spot for the Mercedes 500SL such a stylish icon of 70’s motoring. We would love to have a 70’s bright orange 911 in our stable, and also Alvis the best of British engineering and quite understated a TD/TF 21 drophead would be ideal.

What is a favourite destination with your cars?
Our favourite road trips are out towards the north Norfolk coast, just perfect lovely roads, quaint time warp villages and towns, and lots of good pubs, cafes, restaurants, and the sea. We also enjoy when we have the time to go to some of the local classic and retro car events as we love meeting and chatting with like-minded enthusiasts.

When people hire our cars, we have some great recommendations for trips including Antique tours, picnics, and beauty spots, the North Norfolk coast is stunning, and the Norfolk Broads is a beautiful tour.

What are you most looking forward to in 2024?  Do you have any tempting offers for next year?
In 2024 we are looking to expand our range of cars, and building our reputation, five-star only. Having no breakdowns and exceeding all our customer's expectations so they all have a fantastic experience with our cars. We are looking to introduce some taster days at our base in Long Stratton

What is the best way to contact you?
To contact us and discuss your requirements an email through our website is always a good start, we always try to reply as soon as possible and meet any request and arrangements our clients might require.

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