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Caterham Super Seven

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1997 Caterham Super Seven

Caterham Super 7 Sprint Our car fitted with the famous crossflow engine with twin 40 webers. Makes all the noise's a sports car should, fitted with a 5 speed box and 4 point harnesses with removable steering wheel to aid entry and exit. The original by Colin Chapman's Lotus Seven of the 50's. It has been improved and developed by Caterham Cars and is still in production. Not for the shy and retiring types defiantly for the fun loving thrill seekers. A four wheeled motorcycle comes with...Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPin on Pinterest

Caterham Super SevenCaledonian Classics - Clackmannanshire, Scotland

2008 Caterham Supersport

Basic fun, fun this car will bring out the boy or girl racer in you and stick a big smile on your face. With its infectious exhaust note (mind the hot exhaust when getting in and out). Not a lot of room for luggage but OK to get in your picnic lunches. Power steering very precise 5 speed gearbox and a long bonnet you won’t get tired of looking along.Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPin on Pinterest

Caterham Super SevenDanewest Automotive - Sevenoaks, Kent

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